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Fradmannsburg, Atlantis
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Fascist, stoic, weapons designer, CAD all-round designer, amateur psychologist, only human. Mainly enjoying that what I call a good sound, good humor, good artistry, and good stories.

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Matson M-60

2013-10-19 13:22:21 by EgoVanVenom

PDW/Supplemental Firearm
Place of origin:
Thomas Matson
Service history:
In service (2160–present)
Second Battle of Port Said (2162–2163)
Second Invasion of Madagascar (2161–2162)
The Arctic Circle Campaign (2160-present)
Middle East SAND Deployments (2161-present)
Choru Conflict (2161)
Operation Wipeout (2161)

Production history:
Matson Rifle Works
Specifications (M-60 primary version):
3.5kg (7.72 lbs) empty
4kg (8.82 lbs) with 60 round translucent J-mag
573.5mm (22.6 in) with J-mag included
(below are values without J-mag)
570mm (22.44 in) (stock extended)
530mm (20.87 in) (stock retracted)
Barrel length:
250mm (10 in)
9mm Parabellum
Roller-Delayed Blowback
Rate of fire:
900 round/min cyclic
Muzzle velocity:
400m/s (1312 ft/s)
Effective Range:
Feed system:
60 round J-mag.
Front post, rear aperture or various optics

Development Background:
Thomas Matson, CEO of Matson Rifle Works decided to create a new SMG, in order to improve the array of his company's products (until the M-60, Matson Rifle Works were largely known for the manufacture of M2A1 Storming Rifle, the failed "Matson Dragon" project and the Matson M1, nicknamed due to the notorious lack of reliability - "Mike Charlie Foxtrot (Massive Clusterfuck)" Automatic Training Rifle and MDSSR Special Purpose Rifle). While none of the products on offer were ever any close to SMG or PDW, it seems that Thomas had good expertise in any type of firearm - two things make this SMG/PDW unique and standing out from others: The large capacity J-mags and a lever-loaded chamber (both of the features patented by Thomas, soon before the public unveiling on the International Arms' Expo of Fradmannsburg, 2160). This combination makes for a very quickly loading weapon with a large magazine, well-capable of providing close-proximity suppressive fire - the weapon is being loaded by lowering the lever, then inserting the J-mag, and shutting the lever, which pulls back the system, making the round automatically load itself, removing the need of cocking the weapon at all. The only reason for the existence of the cocking handle is to clear any possible jams.
Service Experience:
The weapon itself drawn the attention of multiple Militaries, Private Military Contractors and Law Enforcement Forces. Military liked the reliability, large magazine size, suppressive volume and consistent accuracy in single shots, while being a very compact weapon, using a very common and lightweight cartridge. In Atlantian Military it received designation M609, and can be seen being used as a self-defense weapon by vehicle crews and military police, supplemental firearm by field specialists (demolition engineers, ammo bearers, launcher weapon specialists, radio operators, EOD and other specialists, having to carry heavy equipment loads or with little carrying space), and even as a sort of sidearm (very common between Army Rangers (especially Army Mountain Rangers), SVEN and Stormtrooper Corpsmen), while with the addition of suppressor (or integral suppressor version) it is a useful weapon for Special Forces Operatives. The popularity among the Private Military Contractors and Law Enforcement is because the standard 9mm Parabellum rounds do not overpenetrate and consistent accuracy provided by 250mm barrel provisions excellent coordinated fire, while combined with high (for a pistol caliber) muzzle velocity of 400m/s it provides a quick and reliable incapacitation of hostile combatants, as well as easy target leading and flexibility of maneuvering due to the small size of the weapon. Despite being on the expensive side of the weapon vendor's catalog, the M-60 is having some popularity in civilian market, although in most countries the M-60 is illegal due to the J-mag, making it classed as "battle grade weapon". Nevertheless M-60 is gaining better marketing attention than either of Trodat's T-101 and T-202 SMG versions from both weapons enthusiasts, close protection professionals, money protection units and those who seek a reliable PDW. Over this little time of three years M-60 gained some notoriety for being a fairly common weapon among gang members and participation in numerous organized crime incidents - most notably, the Siege of the IBA (Imperial Bank of Atlantis) building in Fradmannsburg. Police report states that at least 3 Armed Bank Security Staff, 5 Police Officers and 15 FATAC operators were gunned down by a gunner Sam Brigger, who during the ensuing firefight sprayed the officers with his Matson M-60, using Armor Piercing (report assumes the rounds to be out-of-date surplus release stocks of 9mm Swe.M39B) Rounds. While these incidents work against the M-60 being legal in Atlantis, the argument of demand for a fast-readiness PDW outweighs the notoriety gained over the time.
Shooting Experience:
Most the owners of the M-60 first praise it for the legendary levels of reliability - on one online video M-60 fired a J-mag, then the M-60 was struck with a sledge hammer over the receiver and then loaded again, firing another eleven J-mags, eventually jamming from overheating. Some other videos shown M-60 being dumped in sea water, shore mud, swamp mud, sand, filled with snow, buried in earth, even dropped into a barrel of tar and still capable of successfully firing. Most shooters state that recoil of the M-60 is nearly recoiless (most likely thanks to AR-15 type of recoil absorption system) even in full auto mode, and good accuracy, with almost unparallelled consistency of shots with very little deviation. Most shooters say that initially M-60 feels a little awkward to carry and hold, especially if it is a change from another "more conventional" SMG/PDW or rifle (like MP5, T-50 "Ox" SMG, T-202 "Woad Warrior" Modular Rifle, T-101 Modular Rifle, etc), but nothing what one could not get used to. Even though the M-60 is accurate, fully ambidextrous and quick-firing bullpup, the firing system is actually nothing complex at all. It has few moving parts and most of them are of large, heavy, sturdy construction, making it easy to maintain and assemble even by an inexperienced shooter. Another advantage is the modularity of the weapon, allowing for on-the-fly change of accessories and the barrel (Matson usually sells M-60, with a barrel featuring MP5 style three lug adapter, making silencers interchangeable with the MP5). Some enthusiasts went as far as extensively modifying their M-60s, turning them into makeshift pistol caliber marksman rifles, with complimentary set of zeroed scopes, bipods, long barrels (most around 750mm length) and silencers/flash suppressors, red dot sights and sniper type buttstocks.
M-60 "Short" version. It has no buttstock mount, instead just a telescopic "skeleton" stock and with reduced length of recoil system. Recoil is reported to be "present", but otherwise the weapon is no different from the original, just overall shorter, when without the J-mag loaded.
M-60 "Integral Silencer" version. A version with integral factory-made silencer (this silencer features a vented full length barrel and subsonizer rifling, making it more effective than aftermarket silencers). Very popular with special forces and law enforcement.
M-60 "Integral Silencer; Short" version. Short version with the addition of factory-made silencer. Rather popular with Navy ORCA units and Airborne Special Operations units.

Matson M-60

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